Friday, 14 October 2016


TEE Narrative

The spooky house

One very spooky night 3 friends decided they should go into the very spooky house next store   their names are Jackson Mason and Lucas

.There is treasure at the very top of the house you have to go through very rough things to get to the top.Every person who has ever came in never comes back out.

They were ready they've never felt this way in ages and a little bit scary.The door
Was already open like it was waiting for us they went inside it was furious inside it did know we were here said lucas well he hid behind the door mason said look outside  there was a very bright light it gave us three wishes so they had a chance the dropped their gear mason said i wish for superpowers he got super strength flight and telekinesis.

jackson  had a good idea he wished that all this was over and that the all had their wishes back so mason had super powers jackson was the smartest man in the world and lucas was the richest man  in the world.


Today i did migration with my group migration means when people move away because of the season or war